🎁Reward Distribution

Logarithmic Infinite Rewards Distribution Curve

The curve which governs the distribution of $ECLIP to active participants (e.g. for participation in IDOs, marketing events, supported project launches) is infinite and logarithmic will begin at a given amount and gradually decrease every distribution epoch. Eclipse Fi can adjust the curve if the token distribution appears too low, and the management may further modify it through additional reserves and $ECLIP tokens.

Please refer to the chart below demonstrating the rewards distribution estimated APR curve once the market has locked a significant of $ECLIP. Note that initial APRs will be significantly higher and will change upward or downward relative to the amount of tokens locked in each duration period.

Weighted Reward Splits

The rewards distribution is subjected to weighted splits, based on the Cosmic Essence balance of each entitled user, a system known as logarithmic infinite weighted reward splits. In other words, users can receive more rewards than the amount currently distributed, a phenomenon that allows for an infinite scaling of benefits. However, they can adjust their reward size in the distributed amount based on locking duration, facilitating a dynamic and responsive allocation system.

This method ensures that the distribution of rewards is both fair and reflective of each user's contribution or lock positions, making it a unique and innovative approach to incentivising participation.

Please refer to the chart below explaining the essence of the weighted rewards distribution:

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