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Q3 2023

  • Built and Deployed IDO, LBP and staking modules on Neutron Testnet
  • zkMe zk-KYC integrated
  • Pioneer NFT campaign kicked off
  • 35+ partnerships established
  • Squid and Kado onramp integrated
  • Bonus-Block quest front end
  • Audits

Q4 2023

  • Lockdrop and LBA launched
  • $ECLIP IDO launch
  • Listing on CEX/DEXes
  • KOLs activated
  • Scale up of Marketing and BD team
  • Start of GMP cross-chain deployment on L2s
  • Launch of Staking V2

Q1 2024

  • First few IDOs launched
  • GMP bridge deployment complete with launching of lockdrop and LBA on the router
  • on and off-chain reputation scoring
  • New whitepaper and token model v2 released
  • Smart accounts/UX abtraction commenced
  • Community Governance launched

Q2 2024 and beyond

  • Full DAO transition
  • Set up of permissionless pad section alongside the flagship platform
  • DAO council
  • Auctions and launch module toolkit expanded
  • Web3 and Web2.5 accelerator set-up
  • Research and developer bounties
  • NFT allocations trading

Items on our roadmap

Following development items are included in our roadmap for V2 version of the product (2024)
  • Working towards greater decentralisation, thoughts around splitting sectors into flagship and frontier launches with different levels of vetting. This allows the community to take on more risk if they choose to do so.
  • Implementing mechanics to prevent bad luck in lotteries. Users who participate in consecutive lotteries without winning an allocation ticket will receive more participation tickets in the next round.
  • Introducing a minimal equivalent value requirement for claiming allocation tickets. Users will need to temporarily lock a minimum amount of $ECLIP tokens based on the expected ratio between the allocation value and the current market price of $ECLIP.
  • Creating tradable NFT positions in IDOs and establishing a marketplace for trading these positions. Exploring other launch modules like lockdrop and liquidity bootstrapping.
  • Implementing a decentralized vetting process, offering activity rewards, and introducing liquidity creator and manager features.
  • Users would need to temporarily allocate the predetermined amount of cosmic essence (‘sub-stake’) on a given IDO they wish to participate in. That cosmic essence would be then locked and gradually unfreezed over the given amount of time. This way users won’t be able to freely participate in all IDOs they want unless they have sufficient amount of cosmic essence available for allocation.
  • Multiple launch mechanisms and customisable launch flows
  • Reworking tokens to have various utilities across the different launch mechanisms
  • Permissionless launch creator with community curation system