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Welcome Eclipsers!

Launching the Future of Finance
Eclipse Fi is a modular launch and liquidity solution that revolutionises token launches, supporting innovation on Cosmos and beyond.
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    Eclipse Fi offers a comprehensive modular solution for token and liquidity needs, with the ability for projects to take charge of the entire token launch process from the beginning, to customise their launch method and flow based on their distribution and liquidity requirements.
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    As the premier launch and go-to-market platform for Neutron, Eclipse Fi enjoys the advantage of being well-positioned to capitalise on the upcoming boom of Neutron, driven by Neutron's innovative technology, ecosystem and thriving community.
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    Eclipse Fi has established strong connections and partnerships in the Web3 space, as well as in Web2 incubators and entrepreneurial programs, opening doors to launch Web2 companies looking to build in Web3.

Additionally, Eclipse Fi is incredibly positioned and connected inside the Cosmos ecosystem and primed to launch upcoming top-tier app-chains.
Our platform takes a unique approach to addressing the core challenges of token distribution and launching and focuses heavily on long-term sustainability over short term-flips.
By drawing on existing models, Eclipse Fi incorporates modularity and encourages experimentation and innovation, fostering research and development of new modules and improvements to the launch process.
More information is enclosed in this documentation, and make sure you check out the website:

If you still have further questions, make sure to check out our socials: 👇
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