Eclipse: Revolutionising Launches

At Eclipse Fi, we are revolutionising the token launch space with our modular approach, offering an array of customizable solutions tailored to different projects' needs. Traditional methods such as direct token sales or auction models are not always best - Eclipse not only provides a wide range of options, but has strategic partnerships and incentivization programs to help projects succeed every step of the way.

Why Eclipse Fi Stands Out

But what truly sets Eclipse Fi apart? While numerous launchpads chase short-lived gains and high 'All-Time-High' (ATH) metrics, Eclipse champions sustainable user loyalty. Solely targeting ATH can misalign incentives and even draw in users detrimental to a project's longevity. Our approach revolves around several key factors that contribute to this long-term vision:
  1. 1.
    Modular Launches: full customizability for any project, regardless of the stage at they're at.
  2. 2.
    Innovative Launch Mechanisms: continuous innovation surrounding new launch mechanisms, based on cutting-edge industry research, and community research grants.
  3. 3.
    Sustainable Launches: token reward optimization and structures for long-term growth and success. This includes the careful design of our Cosmis Essence program.
  4. 4.
    Vetting Processes & Community Engagement: A rigorous due diligence process that will become more community-driven as we gradually increase decentralization efforts.
  5. 5.
    Branding & Engagement: The emphasis is on enduring marketing strategies, top-tier branding, and cultivating lively communities. Engaged, value-adding users are rewarded, instilling a community spirit.
  6. 6.
    Full Project Support: Reworking business models, introductions to potential advisors and strategic partnerships, marketing support, technical guidance, and more.
  7. 7.
    Overcoming the Cold Start Problem: projects often initially struggle to gain users and/or liquidity. We focus on quality user acquisition and retention with long-term commitments, in combination with the right launch mechanism, to eliminate the cold-start problem.
Our $ECLIP token is central to all of this and covered in-depth in ECLIP Token.
Below we'll expand on all of the above.

1. Modular Launches

While many platforms have various launch mechanisms, there hasn't been a dedicated platform for advancing token launches until now. Eclipse Fi introduces customisability, allowing multi-stage launches, new creative ways of distributing tokens, and acting as the go-to-place for launches in the space. The platform starts with IDO and LBP models and will add mechanisms such as Lockdrops, Fair Auctions, Liquid Auctions, and more, all of which can be tailored to increase community engagement, liquidity, and adoption.

2. Innovative Launch Mechanisms

Eclipse Fi aims to improve and optimise token launches by acting as an open research lab for the innovation of launch mechanisms. It will be a place where protocols can experiment with new combinations of modules that strive for optimal value flows.
formed by both the Eclipse Labs team as well as community participation. Community pariticpation will be facilitated through resaerch bounties and grants, to develop new launch mechanisms and models. Projects may also
  1. 1.
    Eclipse Labs: Our team of industry experts is continuously speaking with new projects to see what works best, and creating new best practices to support future launches.
  2. 2.
    Community Participation: Eclipse issues research bounties and grants to receive new ideas.
  3. 3.
    Project Bounties: Projects may launch their bounties to incentivize custom-tailored solutions.
Aside from new modules developed and innovated by the Eclipse Labs team, there is a scope for community participation with research bounties and grants to come up with whole new mechanisms and models to launch as well as optimal combinations. Projects can also use bounties to source the best design for their token launch on Eclipse Fi.

3. Sustainable Launches

Most launchpads use all-time-high (ATH) metrics to promote themselves, ignoring pervasive issues such as poor token distributions, short-term community members and lack of user rewards.
Sustainability is core to Eclipse Fi and our approach to token launches. We focus on token reward optimization and creating structures for long-term growth and success. Sustainability will always be prioritized over shortcuts.
For more information see: sustainable-launches

4. Branding & Engagement

We are focused on enduring marketing strategies, top-tier branding, and cultivating lively communities. At the same time, we reward engaged, value-adding users through our Cosmis Essence points program.

5. Vetting Processes and Community Involvement

At Eclipse Fi, our commitment lies in prioritizing quality over quantity when it comes to launching projects. We are dedicated to advancing larger and top-tier launches. To achieve this, we recognize the importance of a robust deal flow and a meticulous vetting process.
In this context, we see the potential for community participation in the vetting process, although this would require guidance, particularly in the project's early stages. Eclipse Fi will initially implement a multi-stage internal vetting process, encompassing critical areas such as:
  • The team
  • Key backers
  • Tokenomics
  • Roadmap and future potential
  • Community
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Minimum viable product (MVP)
  • Clear differentiators and competitiveness
More can be read under Due-Diligence
As Eclipse Fi evolves we intend to gradually increase community involvement before moving to more of a DAO structure, or involve a DAO council to carry out some of our due diligence.
$ECLIP is the native cryptographically-secure fungible protocol token. It is a transferable representation of attributed governance and functions specified in Eclipse Fi's smart contract protocols. It serves an important role in aligning project interests with the community, as well as ensuring engaged members are prioritised with regards to launches and allocations.

6. Full Project Support

This initiative offers comprehensive support to projects in the Eclipse Fi pipeline, including reworking business models, introductions to potential advisors and strategic supporters, team building, marketing support, technical guidance, and general mentorship. It's a hands-on approach to providing projects with the tools and resources they need to ensure their success.

7. Overcoming the Cold Start Challenge

Crypto projects often grapple with the 'cold start problem'—the initial challenge of attracting users and liquidity due to a limited user base. This issue is particularly pronounced in blockchain network effects, where builders and users rely on each other.
Unlike traditional launchpads, Eclipse Fi prioritizes long-term community engagement and the right fundraising mechanisms. For example, both the lockdrop and liquid auction approaches provide projects with ample liquidity and a strong Total Value Locked (TVL) base, attracting more volume, traders, and broad protocol adoption. On top of our focus on high-quality projects, loyal client user base, and PR relationships, the cold start problem is not an issue.