The FCFS round serves as an overflow for any unfilled allocations from the private/whitelist round, and acts as a second chance for users who missed out on allocations in the whitelist round.

Structure and Requirements:

  • Timing & Eligibility: The FCFS round occurs after the whitelist round but before the token generation and launch event.

  • Allocations: Fixed amounts are allocated in this round, with the possibility of higher tiers receiving higher allocations.

  • Procedure: The FCFS round operates on a first-come-first-serve basis. Participants can claim their allocations until the time limit expires or until the round reaches its capacity, which may occur rapidly.

In the future, as Eclipse Fi expands to various other blockchain networks, a queuing mechanism will be implemented. This will ensure that cross-chain bridging delays do not affect users' chances at FCFS allocations.

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