Project Support Pipeline

Startups require extensive on-going support to launch and scale a successful DeFi or Web3 project. Our project support pipeline is designed to facilitate the long-term growth and success of launchpad projects, and includes education, network introductions, accelerators, and advisory.


We have a roster of industry experts from diverse domains who provide comprehensive educational content for our Web3 launches. Covering a wide spectrum of topics, from fundraising strategies to intricate tokenomics, efficient market-making techniques, business development strategy, and navigating the complexities of CEX registration, our educational offerings are designed to empower participants with the knowledge needed to thrive in the blockchain and cryptocurrency spaces.

Network Introductions

Eclipse Fi will introduce startups to our extensive network of trusted parties prepared to support both pre-launch and post-launch projects on anything needed.

Partners include:

  • Capital connections such as VCs, angels, fundraising agents, and family offices

  • Other launchpads, market makers, and exchanges

  • KOLs, media and PR agencies, marketing agencies

  • Legal firms, lawyers, and structured products/treasury management services

  • Business advisors, tokenomic advisors, and strategic partners or integrators.

  • Other resources including developer studios, HR sourcing, recruiting, research firms, and smart-contract auditors


We are also partnering with established and market-leading accelerators & incubators, such as the Interchain Foundation Builders Program, to support projects needing extra guidance, accelerated growth, or specific expertise.


Eclipse Fi offers a range of advisory services to help projects prepare for successful launches. We partner with top-tier advisors who bring specialized skills to provide targeted support, whether it's short-term pre-launch preparation or longer-term engagement.

Stay tuned for more advisory details, and click here to learn more.

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