Sustainable Launches

Eclipse Fi is committed to the long-term sustainability of token launches. At Eclipse we believe in focusing on the key pillars of the sustainability of a token launch and implementing the right mechanisms, focuses and processes to help ensure it. This long-term success depends on several key factors including community engagement, liquidity, price discovery, utility, and a shift from short-term flipping to long-term engagement.

Here's how Eclipse aims to achieve this:

  1. Community Incentivization and Bootstrapping: Tokens are used as powerful tools to align and incentivize communities, fostering a dedicated base. Mechanisms such as airdrops and token pre-sales can help to select users who actively align with and contribute to the protocol's vision.

  2. Ensuring Impactful Token Distribution: Proper design and distribution methods are essential to ensure tokens reach the right individuals and deter short-term profit-seeking practices. This includes mechanisms that manipulate supply and demand in order to promote sustainability within Eclipse's launch projects.

  3. Eliminating Low-Float Launches: Sustainability requires well-designed economics and distribution strategies as well as supply and demand management to maintain integrity and reduce market manipulation. Eclipse focuses on eliminating low-float launches, which can lead to such undesirable outcomes.

  4. Deep Liquidity for Longevity: Deep liquidity is vital for sustainable token launches. Processes must be optimized to bootstrap liquidity, including working closely with market-makers and exchanges. Achieving strong liquidity is a top priority for Eclipse Fi.

  5. Prioritizing Correct Price Discovery: Accurate price discovery is crucial for token longevity. Gauges must be used to balance demand and supply, avoiding FOMO-driven spikes and ensure a stable price trajectory.

  6. Utility and Value Accrual: Eclipse Fi emphasizes that tokens must offer real utility from launch, attracting long-term users and contributing to the overall success of the protocol. Utility is considered a vital part of Eclipse's due diligence application process.

  7. Long-Term Mentality: Eclipse encourages a move away from short-term flip games. Branding and marketing efforts are geared towards attracting users who are committed to the long-term growth and success of a project.

  8. Embracing Community-Driven Mechanisms and Innovation: Community input is central to designing inclusive mechanisms for token launches. By prioritising community interests, Eclipse increases sustainability and ensures lasting support from engaged users.

Overall, Eclipse's approach to the sustainability of launches is multifaceted and firmly rooted in best practices. From ensuring meaningful token distribution to prioritising liquidity, correct price discovery, and genuine utility, every aspect is carefully considered. The shift away from short-term gains towards community-driven innovation underscores Eclipse's commitment to long-term success and integrity.

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