✨Cosmic Essence and User Tiers

Conducting IDOs and public sales on launchpads, especially for high-quality projects, frequently leads to an oversubscription of users and capital with regards to the amount of allocation available for the round. This scenario often makes IDOs highly competitive, with numerous participants vying for a spot. To ensure fairness and alignment with the right users and community, it's essential to have mechanisms in place to determine which users are prioritised during the allocation and distribution of early tokens.

What is Cosmic Essence and Why Do I Need It?

Cosmic Essence is a point-based system which generally measures a user's contribution to the ecosystem, and which is used to calculate which users receive benefits. It is used to increase both chances and sizes of allocations in Eclipse launches, and to enhance the distribution to active participants within the ecosystem. Accumulating Cosmic Essence helps users climb the Cosmic Tiers, the higher the tier the more benefits and chances a user receives at allocations in launches.

Apart from allocations, Cosmic Essence also influences a user's governance power and weight as Eclipse moves towards decentralisation and community-driven processes. It will also determine the weighting of participation rewards earned (see Reward Distribution). By rewarding users for long-term commitment, Cosmic Essence incentivises the participation of individuals who are most likely to align with the platform and its projects.

How do I get Cosmic Essence?

Cosmic Essence is accrued by either staking or locking the $ECLIP token, (see Staking). Alternatively $ECLIP can also be farmed with the LP tokens staked allowing users to receive Cosmic Essence from farming positions, (see Liquidity Provision (Farming)). The longer ECLIP token is locked or staked, the more Cosmic Essence is accrued, up until a specific cap.

Cosmic Essence can be tracked on our website using the dashboard or the staking page. You will see a share with the various tiers, as well as a slider bar showing how far to each tier.

User Participation Tiers

User benefits within the Eclipse Fi ecosystem are categorised and allocated based on Cosmic Tiers. The Cosmic Tiers are user participation tiers differentiated by the amount of Cosmic Essence a user has accrued. They serve as a simple mechanism to segregate benefits and provide goals for the accumulation of Cosmic Essence accumulation. The specific benefits granted via Cosmic Tiers include:

  • Greater chances of receiving an allocation in the IDO private round (higher tiers mean higher chances).

  • Access to maximum allocation sizes in the IDO private round, for both guaranteed allocations and lottery-based models.

  • Additional benefits for certain tier levels, such as trading allocations as NFTs (see NFT Allocations (V2)), shorter freeze cooldown, and more.

The various Cosmic Tiers are summarised in the table below.

User Tier

Cosmic Essence

Max guaranteed allocation

Lottery tickets

Star Dust








Solar System
















Note that these six levels come with many more varied benefits, incentives, and premium features. For a comprehensive understanding of how user levels impact a particular launch, and for more details on these benefits, see Unleashing $ECLIP Staking

The Future of Tiers and Allocations

Our plans for the future include an evolution of each Cosmic Tier, adapting them to modular launches and creating additional benefits. They will provide varying access levels and perks inside different launch modules, such as earlier access to premium vaults and increased deposit caps in lockdrops.

Eclipse Fi will also implement mechanisms to enhance the access of long-term-focused users. This includes providing tier boosters and greater access in launches to active users, long-term holders of launches, and quality users who actively participate, aligning them more closely with projects.

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