Guaranteed Allocations

The Eclipse IDO launch mechanism consists of two round types:

  1. The whitelist rounds: consisting of the Guaranteed Allocation Whitelist and the Lottery Whitelist.

  2. The first-come-first-serve (FCFS) round.

This page will cover guaranteed allocations, which are used to ensure that a predetermined percentage of the IDO is divided into allocations and distributed to the Eclipse Fi user base.

IDOs vary in the amount raised, and therefore the ratio that's allocated to guaranteed whitelist and the lottery whitelist varies. This is to ensure the guaranteed allocation tiers always gets their allocation.

For example if guaranteed tier holders are entitled to $150,000 allocation per IDO, a $1,000,000 IDO would allocate 15% of its allocation to guaranteed tiers, with the remaining 85% to the lottery tiers.

An IDO that raises $400,000 would allocate 37.5% of its allocation to guaranteed tiers (150,000/400,000 * 100% = 37.5%) and allocate 62.5% to its lottery tier holders.

These numbers may vary, but this process of funnelling the remaining allocation to lottery tier holders will remain consistent.

Distribution Process

Allocations are distributed based on a user's Cosmic Essence score, starting with those with the highest scores, before proceeding with the subsequent whitelisted users. The allocation distribution loops until the total amount is allocated to guaranteed tier holders.

Specific Rules

If a user isn't registered or whitelisted for an IDO, the next user does not automatically become entitled to an IDO. The user must also have accrued the necessary Cosmic Essence to achieve Constellation (Level 4) or higher.

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