Providing a platform for token launches alone is not enough to become the leading cross-chain launchpad.
Having a large, robust ecosystem that drives value to all players, including investors, is critical.
To that end, we have been developing significant partnerships with various players including:
In this section, we also cover our synergies with Astroport DEX, although this is not considered a partnership.

Squid Router & HyperLane

Squid Router is a cross-chain swap and liquidity routing protocol built atop of Axelar Network, while Hyperlane is a cross-chain interoperability and general message-passing technology. Both integrations are focused on blockchain interoperability, with benefits including the reach of new users more chains, and providing a significantly improved UX.
Neutron is Eclipse Fi's home, and where core launches and smart contracts are. Given that Neutron exists within the Cosmos network, it's easy to use Eclipse Fi to launch a Cosmos-wide project using the Interblockchain Communication Protocol (IBC), with full Interchain Query (ICQ) and Interchain Accounts (ICA) support.
Squid Router was our first integration and more of an immediate solution reliant upon their API that is integrated into an app. Click here to learn more about Eclipse Fi's partnership with Squid.
Our Hyperlane is more medium-term as it is built right into the application itself. Hyperlane's general message passing will allow Eclipse Fi to connect to other networks, including Base, Linea, Mantle, and many more. Click here to learn more about Eclipse Fi's partnership with Hyperlane.
Both integrations provide significant benefits including:
  • More users, less friction
  • Improved UX
  • New chains, new deal flow
  • Efficient deployment: no need to rewrite code for each new launch module, reducing complexities and increasing speed of new chain deployment
  • Deeper liquidity
While typical cross-chain actions tend to entail a poor user experience (such as requiring the manual bridging of assets) our partnerships abstract away all complexities and provide a native user experience. For example, a user could use their Polygon wallet and Polygon assets to participate in an Eclipse Fi listing, regardless of which network the listing is on.


In the world of launchpads, many have tended to operate in a regulatory grey area, often omitting key compliance practices (such as KYC - Know Your Customer) and overlooking crucial project due diligence. These poor practices have resulted in many launchpads being required to shut down with severe consequences for their legitimate projects and investors. Launchpads still operating but lacking these compliance safeguards are placing themselves at significant operational risk.
Yet, there exists a challenge—KYC processes have been viewed by some as intrusive on individual privacy. zkME, provides a groundbreaking solution through their decentralized identity oracle, which uses zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to verify the authenticity of credentials without exposing the underlying data. In the context of Eclipse Fi and zkME, this means that KYC verification can occur without jeopardizing sensitive information.
This means that Eclipse Fi can the utmost user privacy while complying with evolving regulatory requirements, which we consider fundamental to the enduring success of our platform.
Click here to learn more about Eclipse Fi's partnership with zkME.

Obi Money

We are currently working with Obi Money to incorporate multichain account abstraction.
Account abstraction significantly improves the user experience and will enable users to participate in launches across any network, without even needing to know which chain they're on.
More details will be announced soon.

Bonus Block

We are thrilled to partner with Bonus Block, a platform for quests, rewards, and gamification.
Our shared objective is to foster community engagement and enhance user participation by introducing captivating gamification elements and quests, not only for Eclipse but also for forthcoming projects slated for release on our platform.


Astroport is a multichain DEX incubated by Delphi Labs, with Delphi acting as a significant contributor to their growth. They support three different pool types: a) Uniswap's Constant Product formula, b) Curve's StableSwap Invariant formula, and c) Passive Concentrated Liquidity pools. Other dApps can integrate Astroport liquidity directly into their platforms, providing multichain traders with liquidity access.
While we do not consider this specific instance an official partnership, we are working closely with them for a few reasons:
  1. 1.
    Market Creation: new project listings must commit significant capital to bootstrap liquidity pools on various decentralized exchanges. Our partnership with Astroport enables the seamless creation of go-to-markets for each token after a Token Generation Event. Projects wishing to launch on Astroport are likely to go through Eclipse Fi.
  2. 2.
    Revenue Share: Eclipse Fi will receive a portion of trading fees for pools created on Astroport.
Other avenues are being considered, such as the accumulation of vxASTRO tokens which enable one to direct liquidity to specific liquidity pools and could be used to help bootstrap projects originating from Eclipse Fi.