Lottery System

As covered in Guaranteed Allocations, a dynamic amount (usually 20-50%) of tokens are reserved for guaranteed allocations.

The remainder is allocated to the Eclipse Fi lottery system, covered on this page. Note that users can earn both a Guaranteed Allocation and the Lottery Allocation described here. The purpose of this system is to ensure fairness and equal distribution of tokens among participants in the fundraising process. Here's a brief overview:

(*While this is lower value per ticket, it works out to be fair mathematically as level 3 has more than double the tickets of Level 2)

  1. During fundraising, the non-guaranteed raised funds (including any undistributed amounts from the guaranteed pool) are allocated to the lottery, ensuring wide token distribution.

  2. The total raised via lottery tickets varies for each round. Participants receive participation tickets based on their Cosmic Tier level. For example, a Level 1 user receives 1 ticket, while a Level 3 would receive 9 tickets.

  3. Participation tickets are randomly selected through a credible randomness engine, securing tickets.

  4. If allocations remain, the process repeats for higher-tier users until all allocations are distributed. Users can check their chances for each IDO they register for.

Example: Level 2 Ticket Allocation

John, as a user at Level 2, receives 2 lottery tickets based on the described mechanics. To determine his likelihood of winning at least one allocation ticket, we must consider the total number of participation tickets in the pool and the total allocation tickets available.

For instance, if there are 1,000 participation tickets and 500 allocation tickets available, John's probability of securing at least one winning ticket stands at 50%.

Bonus Lottery Tickets

Both active users and Eclipse Ambassadors (see: Ambassador Program) will be rewarded with extra lottery participation tickets to boost their winning odds.

Users can earn between 1 to 5 bonus lottery tickets by participating in tasks, initiatives, or campaigns. These tickets are valid for one year and can be used in any lottery.

Bonus tickets can be minted as tradable NFTs, offering flexibility for users to sell them. However, users must meet the IDO's base requirements to activate these tickets.

For regular updates on how to earn these tickets, follow along via social media such as Twitter or Discord.

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