Eclipse for Projects

Whether you're a budding entrepreneur or an established innovator, Eclipse Fi provides the tools needed to ensure success. From connecting with a carefully curated community for initial bootstrapping to offering extensive network access and educational content, Eclipse stands as a central hub for new projects.

Community Bootstrapping with High-Quality, Long-Term Users:

Eclipse Fi enables launching projects to connect with a strong curated community of users to bootstrap their initial community. Thanks to our specific mechanisms and focuses, projects can rely on attracting top-quality users with a proven record of commitment and dedication, forming a solid foundation for their launch and community development.

Fundraising, Liquidity Bootstrapping, and Initial Protocol TVL:

Eclipse Fi facilitates key elements of project launches, including capital raising through auctions, IDOs, and LBPs, as well as liquidity bootstrapping for platform TVL through mechanisms like lockdrops. Whether aiming to fundraise or to build liquidity for tokens, Eclipse offers essential support and opportunities.

Enhanced Exposure and Public Relations:

Eclipse functions as a robust PR and marketing engine for project launches, helping to draw attention to new initiatives. This enhanced exposure, which a project might not otherwise attain, is vital for making a successful launch, generating momentum, and building awareness.

Comprehensive Network Access, Education, and Business Support:

Through Eclipse Fi projects gain access to a premier network, including potential capital introductions, partners, mentors, advisors, CEXes, market-makers, and accelerators, all carefully cultivated. Additionally, valuable educational content is provided, covering essential areas such as project building, market-entry, and tokenomics.

Alumni Network Connections:

Drawing inspiration from Y-Combinator's alumni network, though not an accelerator ourselves, Eclipse fosters a supportive culture through our existing project pipelines and past launches. We encourage projects to learn from one another, co-market, co-build, and form lasting partnerships, generating ongoing value.

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