🌐Token Distribution

We have worked very closely with QuantBlock to build out a strong token economic design focused on long-term value creation. QuantBlock are extremely well-regarded and have designed tokenomics for the likes of LayerZero, Flipside, Lisk, and many more.

$ECLIP will have fully diluted token supply of 300,000,000 tokens and the distribution can be visualized using the following pie chart:

  • Ecosystem Growth (20%): Used as a fund to accelerate the growth of Eclipse Fi, with allocations towards marketing, airdrops, partnerships, grant programs and hackathon prizes to support Eclipse Fi's long-term ecosystem growth, beyond just the protocol itself. The ecosystem growth pool will consist of 1% of $ECLIP total supply released at the token generation event, with the remainder being vested linearly over a 24-month period.

  • Community Incentives (19%): Used to distribute tokens to the community, bootstrapping staking rewards, liquidity pools, and airdrops, with additional allocation to LPs to incentivize liquidity and dual rewards where necessary. The community incentives pool will be vested linearly over 36 months, and any overflow from excessively high emissions or staking rewards will accumulate to bolster future emissions.

  • Private Sale Purchasers (16%): Pre-seed purchasers have an allocation of 5% at token generation, followed by a 6-month cliff, with the remaining vesting linearly over 24 months; Seed purchasers have a allocation of 7.5% with a 4-month cliff and the remaining percentage vesting over 18 months; Private/Strategic sale purchasers receive an allocation of 10% at token generation, followed by a 3-month cliff, with the remaining percentage vesting over 14 months. Distribution for all these stages occurs daily through a vesting contract.

  • Team (15%): Includes incentives for the core team, a reserve for future hires and scaling, and a portion for developer contributors from the community, with a 6-month cliff and linear vesting over the following 30 months. The distribution of these tokens is managed daily through a vesting contract, ensuring a structured approach to rewarding and expanding the team.

  • Treasury (11%): Designed as a discretionary fund to ensure the stability of the protocol, and it may be used for potential further strategic raises to cover operational and growth expenses. Additionally, the treasury will be utilised to allocate strategically in the ecosystem and build up a war chest of assets of strategic ecosystem players, reinforcing the overall financial foundation. The Treasury pool will be vested over 12-month period.

  • Public (8%): Directed towards the $ECLIP token IDO on multiple strategic launchpads, including the Eclipse platform's own IDO. Public purchasers in the $ECLIP IDO will receive 20% of the total token supply at token generation, followed by a 1-month cliff, with the remaining percentage vested linearly over a 6-month period, facilitated by a daily claiming contract. This also included an allocation towards a strategicKOL round who will receive 15% of the total token supply at token generation, followed by a 1-month cliff, with the remaining percentage vested linearly over a 8-month period.

  • Strategic Advisors (5%): Contribute deep experience in business and Web3, offering invaluable advice, fresh perspectives, and strategic connections to build the vision. They will receive an allocation of 5% (15M) of the total supply, with a 6-month cliff from token generation, followed by linear vesting over the next 30 months, with distribution occurring daily through a vesting contract.

  • Floating Liquidity (6%): Designed to seed $ECLIP token liquidity pools correctly and ensure deep liquidity, meeting the minimum requirements for listings on centralised exchanges and to market makers when the $ECLIP token is listed. 60% of this allocation will be fully unlocked at the token generation event with the remaining vested over 3 months and will be deployed as needed to provide liquidity.

Tokens will be allocated and released according to the following schedule:

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