Eclipse for Project Participants

Eclipse Fi is at the forefront of revolutionizing the way project participants access, research, and engage with promising projects in the financial market. From exclusive access to high-quality projects and rigorous research to a community-driven network and future research incentives, Eclipse Fi offers an all-encompassing platform for those looking to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of Cryptocurrency projects.

Early Access to Quality Projects:

Eclipse Fi offers its community exclusive access to the highest quality projects before they go live on the market. This allows participants to learn about and engage early, so that they are on an even footing with venture capitalists (VCs). Through IDOs, airdrops, and other mechanisms, members can discover hidden gems and participate in the initial distribution.

In-depth Research and Due Diligence:

Eclipse empowers users with comprehensive research and thorough due diligence on early innovative projects. Although this doesn’t substitute users' own investigation (as early stage projects are always risky, and even VCs back projects that may fail), it significantly aids users in understanding these platforms and ensures that they are legitimate and not fraudulent schemes.

Strong Community of Like-Minded Members:

One of Eclipse Fi's most valuable offerings is its tightly-knit community of researchers, and participants. This network promotes a culture of shared research, education, knowledge, and alpha, encouraging the discovery of hidden gems and fostering idea exchange and learning.

Exclusive Community Benefits:

By being part of the Eclipse community, staking $ECLIP for access to projects, and participating in launches, community members may avail themselves of numerous benefits. These include potential marketing campaign airdrops from partner projects, exclusive access to alpha, and exposure to high-quality education.

Future Research Bounties and Grants:

Innovation and contribution are key at Eclipse, and plans are underway to introduce bounty programmes and research grants. These will invite bright minds to contribute new ideas, models, and research, further enhancing launch models and mechanics, and bolstering the sustainability of launches.

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