The Whitelist Process

Users must first qualify for a project's whitelist to receive an allocation in their IDO launch.

To qualify for the whitelist, users need to apply during the designated application period. The results are made public, and users are individually notified about their whitelist status. Once determined, only whitelisted wallets are allowed to participate in the private IDO round.

The Whitelist Application Process

To apply to the whitelist, users must undergo the following steps during the open application period:

  1. KYC Verification: Users undergo mandatory Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification, which aligns with regulatory requirements. Some jurisdictions restrict direct participation in IDO rounds, making this step essential.

  2. Cosmic Tier Selection: Eclipse Fi employs a tier system to determine whitelist eligibility. Higher-tier users have a better chance of making the whitelist and may receive a larger allocation in the private round.

  3. Opt-In: Users must actively opt-in to participate in a specific IDO fundraiser and possess at least Star Dust (level 1) status. See Cosmic Essence and User Tiers for more information on the various tiers.

The following chart summarises the IDO entry-level requirements for users:

All these requirements must be met conjointly; otherwise, users will not be considered for a given allocation ticket.

Whitelist Formation and Participation

Following a thorough review of all applications, the whitelist is compiled and published publicly, and notifications are sent to the selected users. Whitelisted wallets gain access to the whitelist IDO round when it becomes available. Users can verify their whitelist status by connecting their wallet to the Eclipse application.

By adhering to this procedure, users can increase their chances of participating in highly competitive and oversubscribed IDO rounds, ensuring they remain compliant with regulatory and eligibility criteria.

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