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Why Eclipse Fi?

What is Eclipse Fi? What makes it different?

Why we Built Eclipse Fi

Recognising a substantial market gap for a dependable launch platform, we established Eclipse Fi as a go-to primitive launch platform for DeFi and Web3, addressing numerous glaring issues related to launchpads and token launches.
Eclipse Fi aims to become the hub for GTM, launches, and liquidity bootstrapping. A place where builders and the community can get involved and help to innovate and shape the future of token launches. As well as a place focused on doing things properly, sustainably and long-term. In accordance with this vision, Neutron were chosen as our initial home base due to their strong focus on quality DeFi, the lack of adequate launch solutions, and the cross-chain interoperable nature of IBC. We chose the Cosmos ecosystem with Neutron as our initial home base due to the lack of adequate launch solutions, the high quality of projects and chains being developed, the strong focus on quality DeFi, and the cross-chain interoperable nature of IBC.

Not Just Another Launchpad

The majority of traditional launchpads have been plagued with issues and stigmas, some well intentioned, as well as many on the shadier side. These issues have been caused by a bull-run perspective, wherein launch platforms often prioritise speed and rapid exposure, at the expense of quality and long term profits. Consequently, many launchpads face problems surrounding:
  • Vetting and quality deal flow: Many launchpads compromise on quality when top-tier projects are scarce, often losing their ability to attract said projects in the process.
  • Deep project support: There is an unfulfilled need in the launchpad space for both pre and post launch support of startups to ensure they are on the right track to success even once their token has been launched.
  • Limited mechanisms: Most launchpads have focused solely on the IDO token sale as a mechanism for launching tokens. This constricts the avenues available to the diverse demands and needs of projects looking to launch.
  • Flipping and short-term mentality: Partially due to the bull market birthing, launchpads tend to attract many users focused on quick flipping of new projects. This in-turn pushes projects to design themselves for a short-term pump, which isn't necessarily beneficial for the long term health of the project itself.
  • Branding and shill stigma: The launchpad itself has garnered certain negative connotations among many in Web3, stigmatised by the method that many platforms use to market, with shilly KOLs, giveaways and marketing past launches using ATH metrics.
Resolving these issues is at the core of our mission, bringing quality, modularity, sustainability, and project support to the forefront of launch solutions.

Revolutionising the Token Launch

Sustainable and effective token launches, covered further in A Path to Sustainability of launches, are one of the most important pieces of a Web3 startups' go-to-market strategy. At Eclipse Fi we identified many of the issues and pain points associated with the goals of a token launch, covered further inUnderstanding Token Launches, as clear opportunities for innovation. These issues include:
  1. 1.
    Implementing a clear location/method for launch: Top projects often face uncertainty when launching their token as each mechanism presents its own unique problems. This inspired us heavily at Eclipse Fi to build a platform that can deliver a variety of launch strategies, becoming a no-brainer solution to launch for top-tier projects.
  2. 2.
    Ensuring user-platform alignment: Effective acquisition of the right users in Web3 is difficult. How does a platform acquire loyal long-term users who bring value? How do you ensure initial token distribution goes to the long-term community as opposed to short-term profit seekers? These are problems we have actively been thinking about and designing models for where it's more baked into the mechanics.
  3. 3.
    Facilitating fair price-discovery and pricing: This is a common issue around supply and demand and ensuring proper mechanics for pricing on launch. We see this as an opportunity to play with new models and explore the best methods for more effective launch pricing and price discovery mechanisms.
With all this in mind, we saw the need not just for another launchpad, but an ecosystem focused on mastering the go-to-market. This means digging into the best methods of launching and distributing a token, but also ensuring the highest chances of growth, user acquisition and success for projects. This is done by creating the correct connections and support for startups, fostering a stronger community and implementing better launch mechanisms that take platform success into account.

Why a Launch Platform? Why Now? Why Cosmos?

The current market is of course in a down turn, so of all things, why a launch platform, why now?
We believe that launch platforms are extremely underrated platforms, which when done well, can act as the gateway for an ecosystem. By launching during a bear market, we can build community and quality projects, positioning us well to capture value during the next cycle.
This leads us to the value brought and importance inside an ecosystem such as Cosmos. Eclipse Fi has the potential to be a core piece in the Cosmos ecosystem's development, attracting liquidity, new users, and builders. By assisting ecosystem projects in funding and liquidity bootstrapping, we position ourselves as instrumental in expanding the Cosmos ecosystem.