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Vision & Mission

Reshaping the Web3 Landscape

Vision: Sustainable Token Launches & Adoption

Our vision is to transform the world of token launches by eliminating short-sighted and deceptive practices, while providing additional avenues for high-quality projects to initiate and bootstrap their liquidity. We're committed to building a modular, sustainable launch platform that encourages innovation and supplies founders with the requisite support for a triumphant entry into the market.

Mission: Launch Platform & Accelerator Ecosystem

Our mission centres on building the ultimate launch and go-to-market protocol within the blockchain domain. Our platform aims to foster a community-driven environment, one in which active participation helps to refine launch mechanisms. Alongside this, we provide vital education and assistance to founders, all in a concerted effort to bolster the growth and prosperity of blockchain initiatives.

Future: Web2.5 Gateway

In the future, Eclipse Fi aspires to serve as a conduit for Web2 projects, simplifying their integration with Web3 and facilitating their launch on the blockchain. By cutting through complex UX, we'll enable bootstrapping, incentivisation, network creation, and the realisation of community goals. Leveraging our established network and expertise, we are determined to steer and sustain the assimilation of blockchain technology, thus moulding the industry's future.